Quality is the common thread defining every step of Linnea’s manufacturing chain, resulting in outstanding certified ingredients.

Selection & Collection

Linnea selects only the finest raw materials from certified European partners

Linnea’s premium Cannabis extracts are guaranteed safe for human use, 100% GMO-free and made exclusively from seeds listed in the EU plant variety database. The same level of attention goes into the selection of our certified partners, chosen via a competitive quality verification process, and all Cannabis farms are in the EU and directly monitored by our expert staff. As a result, Linnea’s suppliers comply with Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) and have Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certifications.

GACP compliant
gmo free
GMP certified site

Research & Development

Since 1982, Linnea has expanded its knowledge of botanical ingredients, contiNuing that research today

The curiosity and motivation of our researchers know no limits. At our Swiss laboratories, we conduct daily research to better our existing products and to find tomorrow’s revolutionary therapeutic solutions based on Cannabis extracts, often partnering with respected universities and international research institutes.

trust and experience
GMP certified site
focus on research


Linnea’s entire manufacturing process takes place in its GMP-certified facilities in Switzerland, where respect for mother nature comes first

Sustainability is a company-wide priority for us: Linnea jointly owns a biogas plant with several farmers in the Swiss canton of Ticino, where all the organic waste generated by our production processes is sent. Moreover, Linnea is an active participant in EnAw, the Swiss energy strategy to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption.

GMP certified site
waste to biogas
co2 reduction


Linnea not only guarantees quality and safety, but creates it throughout the supply and production chain

At our manufacturing site, we are committed to guaranteeing compliance with the world’s highest standards, generating excellence from the selection of suppliers to the processing, packaging, labeling, storage and even distribution of all our cannabis-based products. Every single batch must ensure the quality, safety and efficacy of the product. Only by doing so can we assure our customers of the superiority of our products.

GMP certified site
HACCP international standards
Short supply chain


Our experience sets us apart and guarantees quality, safety and innovation in a rapidly evolving industry

Linnea exclusively offers high-quality, safe, standardized cannabis extracts and isolated compounds in a wide variety of formats for pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and cosmetics. Clients can choose from isolated compounds or standardized extracts, pure ingredients, ready-made form solutions, dilutions or oils. We can also provide “white label” products to customize with your brand.

Human & animal uses
GMO free
Allergen free
Ok for diabetics


Linnea’s logistics professionals ensure that your products arrive quickly and safely

Our products reach 70+ countries worldwide, serving over 250 B2B clients each year. Linnea guarantees the exceptionally high quality of its ingredients during the packaging and transport phase, where each delivery is planned down to the last detail to preserve the quality of your products, today and tomorrow.

Custom deliveries
Countries reached
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Linnea professionals are here for your brand: from the selection of just the right ingredients to regulatory assistance, even providing regular updates about advances in the industry

We are always just a phone call or email away. Our experience sets us apart and guarantees safety, quality and innovation in a rapidly evolving industry. Linnea also provides continuous updates about therapeutic cannabis solutions. Check our latest articles in our insights section.

Pre/post sales support
Cannabis education
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Our commitment to your brand

At Linnea, we comply with strict standards to improve lives via trusted, cutting-edge solutions
GACP Compliant

Good Agricultural and Collecting Practices

gmo free

No Genetically Modified Organisms

GMP certified site

Good Manufacturing Process

HACCP international standards

Compliance with food supplement standards

Human & animal uses

All our products are safe for people & animals


Meets international vegan standards

allergen free

No allergens, gluten, lactose or melamine


Complies with Jewish dietary laws


Meets the requirements of Islamic law

Ok for diabetics

Our products are safe for diabetics

Active ingredients manufactured in Switzerland

Entirely conceived in Switzerland at our in-house facilities

Trust and experience

Creating botanical extracts

Short supply chain

Limited intermediaries allow in-person quality checks

Green spirit

Sustainable, low-impact thanks to our biogas facility

Focus on research

Our scientists are passionate about finding treatments to improve lives

Cannabis education

Raising awareness about cannabis’ therapeutic properties

Custom deliveries

Custom tailored batches and deliveries for absolute quality

Pre/post sales support

One-on-one assistance when you need it

Countries reached

Bringing quality from Switzerland to the world

Clients per year

Building a better future through partnerships

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