Manufacturing the finest ingredients today while researching the innovations of tomorrow

Linnea has built its trusted reputation through decades of experience, premium products and third-party monitoring

Cutting-edge innovation

Passion for the profession. At Linnea, we comply with strict standards to improve lives with trusted, cutting-edge solutions.

Working in this high-potential market since 2015, Linnea has brought its innovative approach to the study of cannabis. Today, it offers its clients excellent, forward-looking products.

Certified Excellence

Our cannabis extracts are standardized, ensuring their safety and efficacy. No short cuts are permitted, ever.

Strict internal and external quality inspections: from the selection of raw materials to product verification, guaranteed by Linnea’s 7 steps of certified excellence.

35+ years of pharmaceutical experience

A project supported by more than three decades of experience and unrivaled attention to quality.

Cannabis Therapeutic Solutions is a project by Linnea, a Switzerland-based company, recognized as a leader and trusted name in the herbal extracts industry since 1982.

Quality is our measure of excellence

Since 1982, our experience has set us apart while guaranteeing safety, quality and innovation in a rapidly evolving industry.

Swiss Reasearch and Development

At our Swiss laboratories, we conduct daily research to find tomorrow’s revolutionary therapeutic solutions
Quality First
Quality First

7 steps of certified excellence

From ingredient selection and processing to shipping and sales, we don’t just verify quality, we create it

Knowledgeable professionals, experts in their fields

Linnea’s officers guarantee the quality of its products

Susanne Caspar

Chief Executive Officer

Giorgio Ferdinandi

Chief Sales Officer
Chief Procurement Officer

Massimo Cretti

Chief Financial Officer

Simone Livio

Chief Operations Officer

Giorgia Tossi

Chief Quality Officer

Umberto Ciriello

Product Development Director

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