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A unique ingredient created by nature, perfected by Linnea

Linnea’s 5% Cannabigerol extract is unique in the market, with multiple applications as a dietary supplement and benefits proven by multiple scientific studies.

Cannabigerol (CBG) is a powerful, non-psychotropic phytocannabinoid with boundless clinical potential. Its benefits range from anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties to the treatment of gastrointestinal syndromes and healthier, more radiant skin.

At Linnea, we believe the best way to deliver these benefits is through a carefully-monitored, precise manufacturing process that produces a standardized, full-spectrum 5% CBG extract with reliable batch-to-batch reproducibility. Bringing almost 40 years of experience in botanical solutions to the cannabis extract industry, we ensure that our products contain elevated levels of the active ingredient, boosting the phytocomplex effects of cannabis itself.

That’s where our 7-step Quality System comes in: manufactured in Switzerland in our proprietary GMP-certified manufacturing site, our highly-qualified technicians make the potential of CBG a reality, dedicating their full attention to the creation of dietary supplements that improve people’s lives – locally and around the globe. It is a promise that we have kept since 1982, and a guarantee for the future.

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cannabis oils in bulk

As part of its dietary supplement portfolio, Linnea Cannabis Therapeutic Solutions offers standardized extracts of 5% CBG in an MCT oil delivery medium, available in bulk.

All of our safe, effective cannabinoid ingredients contain guaranteed quantities of active compounds for dietary supplements with limitless potential in the health and nutrition field.

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Multiple applications and benefits

One extract, multiple potential uses for better health.
The applications listed below have been demonstrated by recent scientific studies.

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CBG counteracts oxidative stress by binding to CB2 receptors and increasing the natural defenses of the body’s cells. Acting as an antioxidant, CBG may thus also have anti-inflammatory properties.(1)


CBG possesses neuroprotective effects that can be exploited as a potential treatment against neuroinflammation and oxidative stress in the brain, which are common denominators to several mild and severe brain degenerative conditions.(2)


CBG increases basal sebaceous lipid synthesis, which combats inflammation in the epidermis and keeps skin cells hydrated and radiant, potentially helping treat several dermatoses.(3)


CBG has been shown to exert favourable effects in experimental models of inflammatory bowel disease induced by an inflammatory trigger(4,5), and therefore could be a valuable candidate as a therapeutic agent or food supplement ingredient for the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal illnesses.


CBG is more effective in reducing the bacterial colony count in periodontitis (dental plaque) when compared to brand-name over-the-counter oral care products.(6)

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The images are for illustrative purposes only and may not represent reality. Be sure to check the laws regulating Cannabis in your country and/or the country where the product is to be sold.

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