Improving lives with trustworthy CBD and CBG compounds

Linnea makes trustworthy cannabis INGREDIENTS for pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and cosmetics

Ready-Made Form Solutions

Thanks to Linnea’s network of reliable partners, we offer assistance in the development of ready-made therapeutic Cannabis-based products with packaging, containers, labels and inserts tailored to the client’s specifications

Manufacturing the finest ingredients today while researching tomorrow’s innovations

Linnea has built its trusted reputation through decades of experience, premium products and third-party monitoring


Passion for the profession. At Linnea, we comply with strict standards to improve lives with trusted, cutting-edge solutions.


Our cannabis extracts are standardized, ensuring their safety and efficacy. No short cuts are permitted, ever.

35+ years of
pharmaceutical experience

A project supported by more than three decades of experience and unrivaled attention to quality.

Quality First
Quality First

7 steps of certified excellence

From ingredient selection and processing to shipping and sales, we don’t just verify quality, we create it

Raising awareness about therapeutic cannabis

At Linnea, we’re dedicated to innovation and research, but also sharing our knowledge

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